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These are editorials our pastor has written.

Pastor’s Commentary

“But the midwives feared God and did not as the king of Egypt commanded them but saved the men children alive.” Exodus 1:17
At the birth of Moses, Egyptian Law, as determined by Pharaoh, demanded that all Hebrew boys be put to death at birth. It was the Law!! 
But the midwives decided that just because something was the “law” and said to be “OK,” that this didn’t mean that it was “right.”

And shouldn’t the believer in Christ, obey and support the Law? The answer is that we render to Caesar the things that are his and to God the things that are God’s.  Simply Christians ought to obey and support man’s laws but only UNTIL they contradict or infringe on God’s moral Law.  Just because something is “LEGAl,” this does not necessarily mean that it is right. There is much in America today that is legal, but that is not right in God’s eyes.  Atheism, the murder of babies, transgenderism, cursing God, lying, cheating, filthy language, sexual immorality, abandoning one’s spouse and children, stealing, and so forth are all permitted and indeed are “legal.” But should any nation insist that such beliefs and behavior are also, “RIGHT?”  Many now think so.

For example, I recently and again had someone inform me that I was neither a patriotic American nor a good Christian due to my public opposition towards same-sex marriage and some other “legal” behaviors.  The SCOTUS ruled in 2015 [Obergefell v. Hughes] in a 5-4 decision that made it legal in every state for homosexuals to “marry” regardless of a State’s laws or what the Bible taught.  The caller who felt obligated to correct my “flawed opinion” insisted that every Christian should obey and always support the “law of the land.” 

 In 1923 at Munich, Adolf Hitler made a speech declaring that the “Jewish people were not human and were beneath the animals.”  Hardly anyone protested. Twelve years later in 1935, the Nuremberg Laws of September ruled that Jewish people were “sub-human” and could not be citizens of Germany.  They were confined to the status of “subjects” without any constitutional rights. The churches remained silent, and only a few solitary pastors spoke out against this travesty.  In my opinion, the Holocaust was the price of Christian cowardice as much as it was the evil of Hitler and the Nazis.

Thirty-eight years later in1973, not in Germany but here in America, the Supreme Court changed the Law in Roe v. Wade to exclude another whole class of people from constitutional protection. The court held that as long as a baby is in the womb, it is not human and thus can be killed.  A court made abortion legal--- but it remains murder in God’s eyes.

More recently, Obergefell v Hughes will prove to be yet another moral disaster for America.  The decision was wrong.  It is but another example of the determined rejection of God’s truth for the degradation of humanistic and secular reasoning.  Remember there have been other rulings by the Supreme Court which have made things LEGAL but they indeed were not RIGHT. 

  *The Dred Scott decision [1857], the court ruled that Dred Scott, a former slave, was a non-person and had no rights as a US citizen.

  *Plessy v. Ferguson [1896], Blacks could be legally and forcibly
segregated even in public places so long as they had separate but equal facilities.

   *Engle v. Vitale [1962], Recitation of any prayers in a public school   is unconstitutional.

   *Abington School District v. Schempp [1963], Bible readings in public schools are unconstitutional.

   * Roe v. Wade [1973] Abortion is a constitutional right.

   * DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act, 2013], “Marriage” that is limited to a covenant only between a man and woman is unconstitutional.

It is time that Christians recognize that the God of the Bible is no longer the God of America.  However, we must also, acknowledge that there is a higher court for the Christian than the SCOTUS.  It is time that true Christians march to a different drummer than “political correctness,” or “current public opinion,” or “it is legal.”  The Democrat’s [and many Republican’s] new reigning deity is the “god” that is better known as “secular humanism.”  Someone said, “Show me your laws, and I will show you your God.”  William Penn, the Quaker founder of Pennsylvania, warned that “Tyrants must surely rule any people that will not be ruled by God.” WEN