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These are editorials our pastor has written.

  Pastor’s Commentary
Note: I wrote this to be read and considered in conjunction with today’s message, “The Things Which are Lost From our Churches.”

The political and social turmoil and decline that America is currently enduring ought to be considered alongside an even more critical matter.  These should be evaluated within a spiritual context.  A decades long tidal wave of watered-down, milquetoast, and soothing, but unbiblical, “Laodicean” style Christianity” has flooded our churches.  Included are a new sort of non-confrontational and politically correct preaching, along with a new “gospel” message that are now standard fare in many churches.  This “new gospel” purposefully ignores sin and repentance.  Its central message is no longer that Christ, the Savior, has come to seek and save us from our sins.  Neither are godly conduct and holiness of life emphasized.  These are, in fact, rarely mentioned.  The “shame of the Cross” is no longer esteemed as a badge of Christian honor.

The heart and soul of Christianity since its inceptions has been the exaltation of Jesus Christ, His shed blood, and His bodily resurrection.  Sadly Christianity, more and more, is devolving into a philosophy and message that focuses on transforming our earthly life into a collage of good health, prosperity, and temporal blessings. Christians are no longer strangers, pilgrims, and outcasts in this world…now they are citizens and pillars with deep roots in the ways and interests of the world.  It is more and more apparent that the modern “Christian” is not only in the world but one who is now mostly contented about being there.  It may well be that this generation of churchgoers will personify those referred to in our Lord’s warning regarding “the salt that has lost its savor and the light which refuses to shine.” 

For several decades now Biblical Christians have listened and hoped for a national message and messenger who will reproach religious political correctness and demand an end to the church’s apathy.  It is the voice which ought to demand repentance, and one which will not be intimidated by the carnally minded.  Neither should this voice be diminished or silenced by a fear of secular opposition and criticism. More importantly, it must not be seduced into compromise or silence by the allure of worldly fame and promotion.

But America’s pulpits are mostly quiet, compromised or complicit with the world.  The absence or silence of truth is deafening.  The acceptance of the murder of our children by way of abortion, the shamefulness of homosexual “marriage,” and acceptance of such bizarre and, is ultimately not the fault of the muddled reasoning of a liberal Supreme Court. The real blame is at the door of America’s churches which gave the consent of silence to this unseemly and degraded mimicking of marriage.  Where are the voices of those crying in the wilderness, “Make straight the way of the Lord?” Instead, the popular message today is “Jesus wants you to be happy.”

Many of us remember the tried and true---the real Gospel. We remember a time when the child of God delighted in doing God’s will and who allowed the Bible to judge and correct us instead of us amending and diluting God’s word to please ourselves. The saved were neither ashamed nor offended with hard biblical preaching.  We must return to the “old paths.”  It is not too late to hope that the true Christian will love Christ and the Bible and desire to live a godly life.  It will be no hardship, but a duty and honor to deny self and take his cross and follow Christ. I believe that the real Christian will be taught by the Holy Spirit to delight in doing God’s will. 

Also, it is still essential that Christians take an open stand for what is right and condemn and reject that which is wrong.   Every child of God, and from the heart, must decide if they will give in and embrace the spirit of this age, or with God’s help, determine they will not displease or dishonor the Lord.  Surely, we will all make a choice since it is ever true, that “no man can serve two masters.”  I trust there are many who have already determined that being faithful to Him who saved us is more important than the approval and acceptance that comes of embracing the ways and values of a lost and Christ hating world.  WEN