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  “HELLO?” Is anybody home?    



( THIS WAS PRINTED JULY 13, 2013 )  I first posted this 4 years ago in July of 2013.  I just wanted to remind folks that I still feel the same way.

 In a recent sermon, I mentioned that Joel Osteen was more of a psychologist than a Biblical preacher and that many of his teachings were heretical. I received an unsigned note a few days later suggesting that I should not criticize this “amazing man of God and that I was secretly “jealous of him and needlessly judgmental.” I recognize that we all have a right to our own opinions and I am certainly glad that this liberty is still available in this great country and even to a limited extent this is so in a biblical church.  I also am aware that there is a need for essential unity in any church.  However the basis of that unity must always be based on an acceptance of certain essential and fundamental beliefs. None of these principles is more important than the one that holds that the Bible is the inspired, perfect, preserved, inerrant and infallible word of God. If that is true and accepted by Christians, then my criticism of Joel Osteen is valid and even necessary.


Moreover, lest there be any doubt of just how “out of step,” “mean,” and “far from the mainstream” that I am, let me admit to the following items. Not only do I believe that Joel Osteen is a heretic, but I also believe that many other TV “speakers” like Kenneth Hagan, Benny Hinn, R.W. Shambach, and Kenneth Copeland are certifiable “nuts.”  I think women preachers are unstable, unbiblical, and harmful to true Christianity and that obedient Christians should not financially support or listen to them.  I am against the New Age, New Evangelicalism, the New Wave Christianity, new bibles, and "new biblical truth." I am going to strive till Jesus comes, or until I die, to try to bring us back to New Testament biblical Christianity.


I will never support nor endorse any politician or preacher who is for abortion, homosexual marriage, open borders, increasing taxes, more gun control, or limiting free speech.  I believe in Creationism and oppose Evolution because it is unscientific and incompatible with Christianity. I believe that we must have absolute liberty to believe what we want, but that said, every religion except biblical Christianity is false, futile and inspired by Satan.   I don’t like liberal professors or politicians, the United Nations, the World Court, jihadists, Ecumenism, The National Council of Churches, the ACLU, teachers’ unions, feminism or spinach.


I don’t like Rock music of any sort, Rap music, New Age music, or contemporary Christian. I am opposed to hyper-Calvinism, Pentecostalism, the Charismatic Movement, cults, Liberalism and Neutralism. I don’t care for tattoos on women and earrings on men. I am not comfortable with masculine behaving females nor girly acting men. I am against homosexuality when I am in San Francisco, Communism if I am in Moscow, beer when I am in Milwaukee, gambling if I am in Las Vegas, Catholicism if I am in Rome and Mormonism if I visit Salt Lake City.


I am an independent Baptist by conviction and would be ashamed if I was not. I believe that Christians should be faithful to all church services, prayer, bible study and testimony.  If we claim to be Christian then we ought to exhibit consistently a godliness in our conduct, soul-winning, kindness to all, helpfulness, and be a good and dependable neighbor or else be quiet about being saved. I don’t think a sermon should be changed to humor man or to keep from ruffling feathers, or determined by WHO is in the congregation. I detest gossip, slander, lying, windbags, boasters, the self-absorbed, and know-it-alls. I believe that everything we do should be “unto the Lord” and the very best we are capable of for His glory. Christ is worthy of all praise!!


 I am not going to change. I am too old, too senile and too convinced that I am right. But most of all, I love and fear the Lord too much and am too close to meeting Him to be overly distraught about people hating me. WEN, 7/13/13



This recent Memorial Day was not one of my better days.  Normally, I really enjoy the holiday.  But this year for several reasons the day was an exception.  Usually on Memorial Day, I first go by and visit my dad’s grave.  Each time I visit, and as the road winds to his burial plot I am always stirred as I see the hundreds of flag adorned graves at Green Ridge Cemetery.  When I see so many, it always causes me to consider how steep the price that the privilege of living in this blessed nation has been for so many and their loved ones.

But this Memorial Day I had a change in the routine.  I decided to drive to Avella in Washington County, to visit an old and ailing friend who had asked me to stop by and see him.  I was much dismayed when I got there and discovered that just the previous week he had suffered a stroke.  This news seemed almost surreal as I thought back nearly four decades and recalled my first time meeting this tough, battle-wounded, and decorated former Marine.

These past few years have not been easy for him.  Not too long ago, I conducted the funeral for his dear wife.  Since I have known him he has been constantly plagued by the wounds he received in Viet Nam.  As I drove home from Avella, I thought of him and some other friends, and church members, and pastor friends such as Jim Bailey and Terry Hagedorn, and even my own son who along with all these others have given so much and paid so dearly to enable our freedom and safety.

Part of the cause that this was such a sad holiday for me is due to the fact that I can’t seem to get my brain wrapped around the logic or justification for the proposals and behavior that are displayed publicly and constantly as of late.  I am speaking of those activities and demands and threats by some groups and individuals which would rescind or even deny from others those guaranteed rights for which these warriors have paid so high a price. 

With this recent past election and in the frenzy of its aftermath for the past several months there has emerged a dangerous trend that one would need to be deaf, blind, or willfully ignorant not to notice.  It is the relentless national coarsening and vulgarizing of our attitudes and speech.  This is a different sort of behavior and polarization from what we previously were used to seeing.  The new norm is displayed by a vehement, crude and nearly universal decline in respect and decorum toward any with whom we disagree.  

More worrisome is the growing tendency to disregard accuracy and basic fairness in one’s allegations and accusations.  It is a day marked by the shameful distortion of the truth [false news] in what many allege or promote.  While neither political party is guiltless, it seem that far-left liberals are especially above and beyond proficient in distortions and half-truths.  

I thought of how Vice-President Pence was recently disrespected by the arrogant and ungrateful grads who walked out when he delivered the commencement at Notre Dame University.  I thought of the fact that recently dozens of elementary students [at their parents urging] callously insulted Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives at a scheduled speech. The new Secretary of Education was humiliated and verbally abused as was the college’s administration as she delivered the commencement address at a predominantly black university.

This is graduation season across the nation.  But in these times, hardly any conservative speaker is allowed a platform to speak at our more prestigious high-schools and colleges regardless of their accomplishments or credentials.  Any conservative attempt “to have their say” at many of these “bastions of free thought and speech” could well result in protesters shouting down the speaker, or even lead to a dangerous physical confrontation.  That is unless, of course, you are a jihadist sympathizer, abortion promoter, dog molester, Caitlyn Jenner, or any nutty, half-baked radical progressive politician who may be calling for “revolution,” “resistance” or the “impeachment of the President.”

When I think of what our military has paid in blood and suffering and which enables the safety and the venues which allow contemporary “snowflakes” to do their thing, it infuriates me.  And why is that?  These belligerent twits demand absolute freedom to speak, demonstrate, picket, march, riot, or obstruct without restraints or restrictions.  But all the while, these pampered, privileged, selfish, arrogant, misinformed, brainwashed little “brown-shirts” will abide neither proposal nor discourse that is contrary to their own asinine delusions. They throttle free speech unless it is in conformity with their own opinions and rantings.  Just this past week, Robert Spencer, director of “Jihad Watch” and a New York Times best-selling author on radical Islam was invited to speak at the University of Buffalo.  Notwithstanding the proper and legitimate invite, Spencer was cursed, reviled, shouted down and physically threatened when he attempted to read Islamic texts describing Islamic beliefs.

I have often wondered why it is that so many of these mindless “millennial snowflakes” and progressive politicians, and usually the bulk of the news media are so determined to defend and “haul water” for groups like Hamas, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, Isis, and other terrorist groups.  Why are so many of these “just trying to be fair and objective” media defenders of such questionable groups so disparaging and hateful toward Israel?  How is it that anyone who has a different view on contemporary issues or who would promote traditional and biblical family values is immediately branded by liberals as a racist, an Islamophobe, a homophobe, a trans-gender hater, a misogynist, or a fascist?

These “sweet, gentle, progressive-minded, and freedom demanding” little gadflies try to bully and coerce and threaten and then, when all else fails, “cry like little kids” and then demand tax payer provided “safe places” which are free from any stress of the hearing of opposing reasoned opinions.  I just can’t imagine this is what our fallen heroes had in mind when they gave their ultimate. Their graves cry out in protest against such absurdity. For this, I am sad. 



The president’s decision to withdraw America from the Paris Climate Accord has ignited a veritable firestorm of protest.   I have read and listened to the non-stop, dire and ugly commentary by not only news pundits, the United Nations, science writers, and our own liberal politicians, but even more so from a number of entertainment celebrities.   Proponents of global warming such as former Democratic Presidential candidate, Al Gore insist that the greatest---NOT environmental--- but rather MORAL issue of our day is that of “global warming.”  In his book published in 2006, An Inconvenient Truth, Gore presents global warming as “a moral, ethical, and spiritual challenge.”  If Gore is correct, about this being a “moral, ethical, and spiritual challenge” then surely, such matters are the business of Christians and churches and ought to cause every believer to closely consider the competing views.

There is a basic point that I feel should to be made about this matter.  It is apparent that many individuals and most of the media [including the Herald-Standard] often interchangeably use the terms “global warming” and “climate change.”   I would like to ask a trained meteorologist if these terms are indeed identical.  “Climate” seems to mean the average weather conditions present in a certain location at a particular time of the year.  A “climate” is measured and determined by data that is recorded over many, or at the least, several decades.  “Climate change” then would refer to long-term changes in average weather conditions in a given or defined area.   Sometimes the change is marked by warmer weather.  Sometimes the change may be toward cooler weather.

“Global warming” on the other hand is the assertion that the entire earth’s surface is warming simultaneously.   Notwithstanding, many of us can still remember the somber warnings given by the “experts” and our high-school science teachers in the 1970’s that the earth was rapidly cooling and our planet would eventually but  surely be entering a new “ice age.”

Contrary to what “global warming” advocates insist, a consensus does not exist on the scope of “global warming” and especially whether it is man-made or caused by nature itself.  Renowned physicists such as S. Fred Singer claim that there is a growing number of skeptical qualified scientists who doubt anthropocentric global warming.  Singer, in an interview with the National Association of Scholars [NAS] given in 2011, claimed that the actual number of doubters was nearing 40% of scientists and meteorologists.   Singer has consistently urged that the public look upon global warming as just another scientific controversy and [he] opposes any public policies until the major issues, such as the cause, are settled.   Singer contends that public policies currently being discussed are pointless, hugely expensive, and wasteful of resources that could better be applied to real societal problems. To me that seems like a sensible point of view.

But allowance for honest disagreement and principled reasoning has not been the nature of this debate.  Some proponents [many of whom have no more academic or professional claim to atmospheric “expertise” than the rest of us] yet still seem to imply that all knowledge abides with them and any further discussion is a waste of time or downright dangerous.  I have to wonder just where we might be without the unabashed “expert” opinions of Hollywood movie celebrities!!! 

With a united voice, these jeremiads are predicting, without doubt or pause, that this alleged “man-made catastrophe” of global warming will surely result in melting of the polar ice caps, global flooding, environmental Armageddon, expanding deserts, the extinction of Polar bears, famines, diseases, wars, etc. etc.  The day after America’s withdrawal from the Climate Accord, I happened to view on television a very assertive activist environmentalist as he discussed global warming with a sympathetic interviewer.  This particularly irate professor when asked about his thoughts on the president withdrawing from the Paris Accord became nearly hysterical.   He fumed something along the line that"The President is a complete moron and is nothing more than a criminal for doing this and anyone who supports him or denies global warming is a total idiot and should be locked up or put away."

Well now. Since I don’t want to be carted off to a padded cell just yet, I want to assure the good professor that actually the biblical Christians are and have been strong believers in a future “global warming.”  So please don’t put us in the "loony bin" just yet for not believing in your version of, or your take on, the consequences of “global warming.”

The truth is this.  Many Christians believe that the "warming" will be much worse than all the current “experts” predict.  Let's cut right to the chase. You don’t know it "Doc" but all you guys are no more than a "Johnny come lately’" on this subject and probably don’t have a clue on just how catastrophic it will be.

“Global warming” has been an accepted and historic Christian doctrine since an early and unheralded "earth scientist," the Apostle Peter predicted it in the first century A.D.   A clarification of the nature of this future catastrophe is needed.  The cause of this coming calamity will not be related to humanity’s carbon emissions, the harvesting of forests, or the over usage of fossil fuels.  Put simply, the blame for this ultimate “global calamity” is not to be found in mankind’s abuse and pollution of God’s earth, oceans, or atmosphere.  Rather, it is the sole result of a world-wide societal moral and spiritual pollution.  It is the ultimate consequence of humanity’s utter disdain of all moral restraint, the universal and unrepentant wickedness of the human race, and especially, the continued and determined rejection of God’s offer of mercy and forgiveness.  The oft rejected plea of God for sinful humanity to be reconciled to Him is based completely on the suffering and death of His only begotten Son at Calvary.

2 Peter 3:10-12: "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and THE ELEMENTS SHALL MELT WITH FERVENT HEAT, THE EARTH ALSO and the works that are therein SHALL BE BURNED UP." Seeing then that all these things shall be DISSOLVED, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness. Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens BEING ON FIRE SHALL BE DISSOLVED, and the elements SHALL MELT WITH FERVENT HEAT. . . ."



I wonder how many of us, regardless of political affiliation and who are over the age of 50, would have ever imagined that the events of the past few weeks could ever occur in America?  The June 14thambush shooting of Louisiana congressman, Steve Scalise and others at a Congressional baseball practice by an enraged supporter of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was nothing but despicable.  At least that would have been the thinking in the America that we grew up in.  Of course, it is not the shooting itself that is so inordinate.  Clearly our nation’s past has been often clouded by such shameful violence.  For example, I would wager that those old enough to remember the assassination of President Kennedy, can still recall where you were and what you were doing when you heard that news.  But regardless of one’s politics, we all felt the loss and grieved as would a single family.  The point is this.  What most of us could never have imagined happening was a time such as now when there is apparently a growing acceptance of such brutal and naked barbarism.

But even more egregious and dismaying than the unprovoked and planned attack itself are the hateful words and expressed opinions of so many who try to justify the assault.  There are even some who condone such politically based blood-lust.  Is this exaggeration?  Who can honestly deny that conservatives in general and our President in particular are routinely verbally bludgeoned and symbolically assaulted and even murdered by a large segment of those who refuse to accept the results of our last election. 

Radical activist and revolutionary groups such as “Black Lives Matter” and the various “Occupy” movements regularly call for violence against police officers and often celebrate when officers are killed or wounded.   College administrators, professors, and campus cops are often complicit with radical students and intruders as they threaten violence and/or death to conservatives or anyone expressing an opposing view of some popular liberal mantra.  These campus threats of violence and the blatant thuggery have become so routine that lately, they barely can rate a mention in the nightly news.

 But there are even more ample illustrations of a nation being coerced and incited into the acceptance of the tyranny of violence.

 The “has been” entertainer Madonna has publicly expressed her desire to “blow up the White House.”  How about the “never was” pathetic comedian, Kathy Griffin who tried for fame by displaying a pretend severed head of the president?”  The New York Theatre production of “Julius Caesar” depicted the gory and merciless stabbing death of a Donald Trump look-a-like.  Within hours of the ambush and near fatal shooting of Steve Scalise, a sociology professor at Trinity College in Connecticut opined on several social media sites that the first responders “should have left the victims die.”   Professor Johnny Eric Williams’ justification for such inhumanity was that the victims “were all conservative and white.” By the way, Williams is still teaching at Trinity.  Recently dismissed CBS “Evening News” anchor Scott Pelley charged after his firing that the vicious assault on Congressman Scalise, was to some degree “self-inflicted.”  Lastly, a few days ago, Hollywood star, Johnny Depp asked an Art Festival audience in England “when was the last time an actor assassinated a President?”  Depp then observed that “It’s been awhile and maybe it’s time.”

It is these insane verbal incitements to violence and apparent approval by many of such talk that brought to mind and caused me to reread a quote from an old classic history book which I first read in seminary 40 years ago.  That book vividly portrays the dying Roman Empire during the first century of Christianity and may yet prove a window for viewing what is now happening in America.


 "Roman literature and art were immersed with the prevalent degradation.  Promiscuity, pedophilia, incest,homosexuality,

 bestiality and every other sort of sexual perversion were glamorized and portrayed.  The actors' popularity was generally

  in direct proportion to the infamy of their character and debauchery of their conduct."

 “Dignity, wit, and pathos were no longer expected on the stage, for the dramatist was eclipsed by the swordsman or the

  rope- dancer.  And while the shamelessness of the theater corrupted the purity of all classes from the earliest age, the hearts

 of the multitude were made hard as the millstone with the brutal insensibility, by the fury of the circus, the atrocities of the

 amphitheater, and the cruel orgies of the games."

 "The old warlike and proud spirit of the Romans 'was dead among the gilded and effeminate youth of the freeman' and was now satiated by gazing on criminals fighting for dear life with bears and tigers, or upon bands of gladiators hacking each other to pieces in the bloodied sands of the stadiums."

  "The languid enervation of the delicate and dissolute aristocrat could only be amused by magnificence and stimulated by

 grossness or by blood.  Thus the gracious illusions by which true Art has ever aimed at purging the passions of terror and pity,

   were extinguished by the realism of tragedies ignobly horrible, and comedies intolerably base.  Two phrases sum up the

 characteristics of Roman civilization in the [last] days of the Empire--heartless cruelty, and unfathomable corruption."

  Frederick W. Farrar, The Early Days of Christianity,
 New York: A.L.Burt, Publisher, 1892, pp. 5­-7 

A final thought.  Of all the bible recorded sermons given by the Lord, probably the most profound and most studied is the one known as the “Olivet Discourse.”  Though mentioned in three of the Gospels the most extensive version is given in Matthew [chapters 24 and 25.] The sermon in its entirety deals with events still future and the end of the age.  The Lord mentions in chapter 24:37 “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”  And what was the “norm” in the days of Noah or before the destruction of the earth by the Great Flood?  “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. . . . The earth also was CORRUPT before God, and the earth was filled with VIOLENCE.”



 Apparently there has not been a whole lot printed or said about the SCOTUS decision announced on June 26, 2017.  The court agreed to hear this fall an appeal of the Colorado courts’ rulings in Masterpiece Cake Shop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.  Maybe this is due to the fact that we don’t recognize significance of the case.  The profound nature of the outcome of this decision cannot be exaggerated and certainly should not be diminished.  Both sides clearly understand that this case has always been about much more than the making and selling of a cake.  Many in our judiciary, both conservatives and liberals, understand that this ruling will dictate the legislative and judicial interpretation of both the 1st and 14th Amendments for the foreseeable future and perhaps forever.

 The potential ramifications of this fall ruling may surpass those of the monumental Obergefell v. Hughes.  That 5 to 4 decision of June, 2015 determined that “homosexual marriage” is a right guaranteed by our Constitution.  Not only did that ruling change the legal definition of marriage in all of America, it may have initiated the end of representative democracy.  In essence, this decision implied there is no more place for healthy debate, reasoned arguments, or any appeal to natural and moral law, or even the wisdom gleaned through millennia of human experience for defining what marriage is.  The court’s decision not only ignored our country’s entire history and judicial tradition, but unequivocally repudiated it. 

 The now deceased Justice Antonin Scalia was both candid and sarcastic in his written dissent of that decision.  He pointed out that the arrogance of the majority justices was “breathtaking” when they asserted that every State violated the Constitution from its inception and especially for all of the 135 years between the ratification of the 14th Amendment and Massachusetts’ permitting of same sex marriage in 2003.  Justice Scalia also opined that these majority justices had somehow discovered in that [14th] Amendment an alleged “fundamental right” which has been absent or overlooked by every person alive at the time of ratification, and by almost everyone else in the time since.  

 The court’s majority opinion in Obergefell v. Hughes set forever a clear tone for the disparaging and condemnation of those with sincerely held religious beliefs who disagree with same-sex marriage.  The freedom to hold and promote an opinion on homosexuality, same sex marriage, gender alteration, and so forth is in essence limited to those who support such aberrations.  To speak in opposition of such practices is to guarantee that one will be branded, stigmatized, or vilified as a hater, a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, unloving, insensitive, and a schismatic trouble-maker.  Clearly any opposition to the new “orthodoxy” must now be censured and ultimately silenced in the view of an ever growing and angry mob.

 Now we await the outcome of Masterpiece Cake Shop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.  In 2012, a Colorado baker named Jack Phillips politely refused to make a custom wedding cake for two men who had been recently “married” in Massachusetts.  The Bay State was one of only a very few states where same-sex marriage was legal in that year. The “couple” had planned a delayed wedding reception back in Colorado, the state where they resided.  Mr. Phillips, a devout Christian, explained to them that making the cake would violate his conscience and biblical beliefs.  Those beliefs included the conviction that marriage is a holy covenant exclusively between a man and woman.

 These were not “newly discovered” standards for Jack Phillips.  For years, it was the same response given should anyone request a cake for celebrating Halloween, or desire a message that in Phillip’s view was anti-American, anti-family, or racist.  He also declined to create cakes with messages which were hateful, vulgar or profane.  Even the opposition conceded that Phillips strived to honor God in all aspects of his life, including his bakery trade.

 This decision to obey the Bible and follow his convictions had cost his bakery many thousands of dollars in lost revenue through the years. But neither did Phillips refuse nor object to serving any customer regardless of their sexual orientation.  It is acknowledged by all that he had readily created other items for gay and lesbian patrons.  Phillips simply believed that only marriage between a man and a woman was biblical and worthy of celebration.  Therefore, he felt impelled to decline to make a custom cake for a non-biblical marriage ceremony because of the message it conveys, and his participation in that message—it was never an issue because of the persons requesting it.

 When Charles Craig and David Mullins were rebuffed, they did not simply seek the services of another baker.  They could have and there were many who would have accommodated the couple.  In fact, one nearby bakery had offered, and the couple had quickly accepted, a “free” wedding cake with a rainbow design and common marriage sentiments.  At least 4 other local bakeries had also offered to bake the wedding cake.  But both sides know, the issue to be settled by SCOTUS this fall is not about a cake nor even about “equality” or “the civil rights of homosexuals.”  The main issue seems more to center on a determination by Colorado to silence unwanted and politically incorrect speech in reference to the open opposition of a secular world view pertaining to the nature of marriage.  The couple immediately filed charges of discrimination based on sexual orientation with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

 After an investigation, Phillips was found guilty of the violation and was ordered to [1] create wedding cakes celebrating same-sex marriage, [2] retrain his staff to do likewise, and [3] report to the “Commission” every declined order for any reason for the next two years.  Phillips appealed the ruling and has since lost at every level in the Colorado courts. In this process, Phillips has noted the hypocrisy and inconsistency of other Colorado Civil Rights Commission decisions when contrasted with his case.  The “Commission” in the past has ruled that three secular bakeries did not discriminate when they refused a Christian customer’s request for custom cakes that criticized same-sex marriage on religious grounds.  Moreover, the “Commission” has stated that some situations would allow a baker to refuse to serve a customer.  They noted for example, and rightly so, that a black baker could refuse to make a cake with a hate message for a member of the KKK or Aryan Nation or other white supremacist group.

 But are not there other legitimate reasons for a refusal of service?   Should a Muslim baker be forced to make a cake with a message that denigrates the Koran?  Should a homosexual baker be forced to create a cake message which celebrates and honors the activities and ministries of say the “Westboro Baptist Church?”  Should a Jewish baker be forced to make a product with a message which disparages Israel or Jews?   I am sure that exceptions to Colorado rules would be readily granted for any of the above.  Then why not for a Christian who is trying to follow his biblical beliefs?  This insane political correctness must stop!!  Jack Phillips had every right and even an obligation to not offend his conscience or ignore what he truly believed God’s word demanded.  His refusal to make that cake harmed no one.  Not only Christians, but every American should be praying that Masterpiece Cake Shop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission will be overturned. WEN

August 20th, 2017


In a recent edition [August 8th] edition of the Herald-Standard there is a half-page propaganda article carried from the AP. The "story" is little more than a promotional pamphlet for endorsing, praising, and legitimizing sexual aberration.


The "story" concerns an El Cerrito, California [San Francisco Bay Area] "Rainbow Day Camp" for children ages 4 to 12 who sadly think they are transgender or gender fluid. The entire article is an open and aggressive attempt to arouse sympathy, acceptance, and approval of gender dysphoria in small children.


At check-in each day, campers prepare their own name-tag with their pronoun of choice. Among the choices are "she" or "he" or a combination "he/she," or even "they." Some change their name or pronouns daily depending on what feels right.


Of course, the Herald Standard's new owners can print whatever or endorse and promote anything they choose. But at the least, they should be honest about being a radical, liberal, anti-traditional family, anti-conservative, anti-Trump propaganda mill posing as a "newspaper."


And what about the opportunity to read another point of view? Since the new ownership has taken over, none of the opinion letters or editorials have been from a conservative perspective. I have written twice on transgender issues including one which took to task Rep. Bill Schuster's negative vote against the Hartzler Amendment to the 2018 Military budget which would have forbidden tax-payer provided Defense Department monies to be spent on sex-change surgery for military personnel.


NEITHER article has been carried or even acknowledged. This in itself is no "big deal." Certainly this may be due to the fact that my writing is not “up to snuff” for the new owners...but surely there are other local writers like John Lucas who should be given a venue to give the other side of current political/social issues. The newspaper has seemingly become even worse a "slanted rag" than it was under the old owner and which despises everything conservative, Christian, or "Donald Trump." This is not right. WEN



  I don’t get involved in the religious “political correctness” that has become the norm in many of the “fellowships”, and “camps” associated with evangelical/conservative/fundamental Christians.  Recently, a friend asked me to give an opinion on some teachings that he had heard online.  I ventured to listen to several messages by a few of the more bombastic and notorious, self-proclaimed “keepers of Fundamentalism.”   For example, one [who is a pastor I believe in Arizona], brought an insane raving tirade on “Why it is an Abomination for a Christian Woman to see a Male Gynecologist.”  Another sermon was on “How to Survive the Tribulation.”  

Still another mind-boggling display was given by a now disgraced and imprisoned Baptist church leader which was entitled something along the lines of “Polishing the Shaft.”  This much-promoted performance was nothing more than a grotesque and unspeakably vile parody of a biblical subject.  I was embarrassed as I wondered what unsaved people must have thought when they watched such a display.  After listening to several more of these sorts of “sermons” from several stars of “fundamental” Christianity, I had heard enough.  I was much dismayed at what I had listened to and wondered if this is now becoming the norm in some fundamental churches?  For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about and trying to analyze what has happened to the great and historic movement of “Fundamentalism.” 

“American Fundamentalism” began soon after the Civil War and reached its zenith by the early 1970’s. Though often a misunderstood movement, it never had the negative connotation nor the pejorative association with which it now branded.   “Fundamentalism” in any religious group is often associated with radicalism, mayhem, ignorance, deviance, cultic or murderous beliefs and practices.  Partly this is due to the modern misuse and hijacking of the word and concept by the liberal media and secularists and unsaved church leaders.  These all are the enemies of the Cross!  But honest Baptists cannot deny that much of this censure and ridicule which is leveled at Fundamental Christianity are a result of self-inflicted wounds and a failure by true Fundamentalists to rebuke and repudiate even the more egregious heresies of the prima donnas.

It is disheartening, even tragic, to watch the decline and departure of this historic Christian movement from its original courageous, Biblical and justified goals.  The gifted founders were mostly preachers and teachers, and Christian businessmen.  Many of these were scholarly men with immense learning.   All were courageous spiritual warriors of varied backgrounds and Christian denominations and were the pillars and stay of historic Fundamentalism.  These were giants among men in their day and time.  That said, with but few exceptions, they were still discrete, mannerly, and reasonable men.  They were also nearly universally men of integrity and honor.

At its inception, the focus of Fundamentalism was the defense and promotion of the complete integrity of Scripture.  It sought to affirm all that the Bible teaches and to oppose all which the Bible condemns. But recently many of the latest generation of “fundamentalist” preachers have brought the movement to where it is seen as little more than a weird and emaciated parody of the original.   From a great movement of spiritual giants, Fundamentalism has in many cases mutated to a host of ill-mannered, unlearned, and feckless pygmies.  These self-serving, crass, opinionated and crude provocateurs somehow have convinced themselves and their followers that they alone possess the truth and that all wisdom dwells with them. 

In the “new Fundamentalism” an appalling ignorance, ecclesiastical arrogance, and a haughty know-it-all spirit have somehow become their “proof” of true “spirituality.”  Where once light shone forth from the pulpits, now there is little more than frothy animal heat.  There is a spirit of unholy pride now rampant that mocks and ridicules any sound and basic biblical and theological training.  It is what one wise church historian foresaw as a “vast intellectual wasteland” which debases and dishonors the memory of the movement.  

Liberals and neo-evangelicals are still reviled by Biblical pastors for desiring the praise of men more than the favor of God, but, sadly, more and more, it is now “fundamentalist” windbags who demonstrate an insatiable desire for man’s praise, glory and recognition.   It is so disheartening to see the strutting and hear the crowing when some obscure and meaningless diploma mill confers an honorary “doctor” title upon these little roosters.  When they do manage to come by their “doctorate” many of these who barely made it through high-school, are now insistent that “doctor” be included with their given name in every piece of church literature, the church sign, and every letter and phone call.

 Replacing the former principled scholarly defense and assertion of the inspiration and infallibility of Scripture and other great doctrines of Christianity, there is now a tumultuous and maniacal exaggeration of froth, foolishness, and heresy in many fundamental churches.  For example, it was commonly held among Fundamentalists that the Authorized King James Version was the preserved word of God for the English speaking world.  That true, reasoned and defensible position has been substituted with the unbiblical and heretical teaching that claims the “inspiration of the KJV in the same manner as the Bible’s original text” and which supposedly enables the KJV to even correct the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts.  This is a gross heresy and is the “tale of fools.”

 Instead of sound biblical exposition, and the constant holding forth of Christ crucified, risen, and coming again there is now an incessant deluge of “new teaching” on obscure passages.  From pulpits come constant reminders and thinly veiled threats of God’s wrath for disloyalty toward the preacher or for opposition to his program.  Wild speculation, peripheral social issues, character assassination, and man-made rules and opinions are the main courses rather than fervent sound biblical exposition.  Though modest dress for any Christian should be the norm, how is it that for numbers of these dim-wits that it is deemed more urgent and critical that the focus of the preaching be directed toward “the disgrace of women wearing britches” than the great propositional truths of God’s word?  At the least, should not these “great expositors” and “protectors of Fundamentalism” consider that the gossip, tale-bearing, slander, and lying that is pandemic in our churches should, at the least, be given as much censure as women wearing slacks? 

  The tyranny of absolute rule by arrogant petty buffoons who abhor any criticism, or who will abide no doubting of their heresies, and questionable activities.   Moreover unauthorized and undocumented financial shenanigans are becoming more and more the status of certain “fundamental” groups.  Those who demand absolute control over every aspect of a church member’s life and thinking and will abide no questioning of their fanciful or weird claims must be identified as being unbiblical, un-American, and demonically driven.  It is these modern Diotrephes’ who claim the right to determine who is fit or unfit to serve Christ and they do so without a smidgeon of a biblical ground.  Is there little wonder that so many of God’s people are frustrated, fearful, confused, and being victimized by cults, kooks, and the gainsayers? WEN 



In these tumultuous and divisive times, it has become almost mandatory that before expressing an opinion contrary to that given by the nightly news or editorial pages that a writer establishes his/herbona fides as a legitimate American.  In order to offer an argument [let alone legitimize what you want to say or write] one has to deplore every form of white supremacist views and denounce anyone, who [in the opinion of the media powers] might possibly be contaminated by such a person.  Moreover, if you have any hope that your opinion might get published, it is not a good idea to hint that you are a  traditional American, a conservative,  or especially, someone who may have voted for Donald Trump and still believe he is better than the alternative.

Well here goes.  I have continuously written and preached from my pulpit that there is NOTHING of the American spirit--nothing praise-worthy---nothing patriotic about white supremacists [or any other racial supremacists for that matter.]  Such beliefs are vile, wretched, wicked, perverse and indefensible if one is a biblical Christian or any other sensible person of good will.   It degrades other humans created in God’s image and is anti-God and anti-Scripture.   It is rooted in the lie of evolution and fostered the ignorant and foolish superstition that blacks, other people of color, and Jews were many millennia behind whites in the evolutionary development of humans---making these non-whites, in fact, sub-human.

 Nazism began in post “World War 1” Germany.  Adolf Hitler was convinced that Darwinian evolution was true and that all of life could be explained by watching the Aryan race struggle for dominance.  He rigorously insisted that Jews, Southern Europeans, and Gypsies were subhuman “bacteria” destined for extinction.  Of course, political liberals, educational elitists, and the “scientific” powers that be are not inclined to acknowledge this connection.  It is much simpler to attack and eradicate monuments and statues of Confederate soldiers

It is undeniable that there have been and still are individuals or even small groups of such who hold and espouse hateful and ungodly racial prejudice.  But this does not mean that as some allege, that there is open, flagrant, and institutionalized mistreatment of America.  Neither does this prove that most white Americans are latently and willfully prejudiced against blacks.  These false and incendiary charges of continuous and current white oppression of minorities can only diminish the real, pervasive, and inexcusable historic mistreatment of black people.  Of this past despicable conduct, our nation was guilty and it has shamed us. But that was then and this is another time. 

I have been blessed with many native southern friends and acquaintances, both black and white, after living for nearly 7 years in South Carolina and Georgia.  To them, I was and am an incorrigible “Yankee.”  But I do not know of a single one of them [which I realize proves nothing] that thinks that the numerous statues and monuments of Confederate soldiers found throughout the South pose a subtle but pervasive inclination to honor or return to any part of the past horrendous evils of slavery. 

What about these southern statues and their Civil War memorials?  Many have noted that “a land without monuments is a land without a history. Civil War monument building in both the North and the South peaked between 1885 and the early 1900’s.  In the South, these monuments seemed to lessen the bitterness of the memory of the Confederate defeat which was often seen as emasculating and shameful.  The memorials were not so many tokens of a “lost cause” nor were they a visual reminder of the evils of slavery.  What then?  Could they not rather have been an effort to symbolize the memory of the Confederate soldier’s devotion to family, his loyalty to a cause and comrades, and his willingness to sacrifice his all for the sake of preserving what he saw as personal liberty?

 In the immediate post-war years, these southern monuments were seen as a part of the National Dialogue and simultaneously signified a lost cause, but more so, was a tribute to bravery and honor, regrets, mourning or grief.  I am sure that some former Confederates may have seen political defiance or more malignant impulses such as racial and gendered hierarchy in these statues and monuments.  But this was certainly not true of all.  When it is recalled that on occasion the entire male fighting age population of a single town would be killed in a single combat engagement, the desire to honor such sacrifice, even if for a wrong cause, is understandable.

But what happened at Charlottesville, Virginia?  Neo-Nazis had secured a legal permit for their protest against the planned removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.  But the issue went much beyond a simple statue.  These satanically deceived provocateurs waved swastika flags and bellowed constantly that “white lives matter” and repeated the familiar Nazi slogan of “blood and soil.”  Immediately mayhem ensued when radical militant leftist groups including BLM, Antifa, and the Black Panthers “just happened to show up” at the Nazi protest. More disturbing was the revelation that these two factions were allowed to collide head on by orders of city and state officials.  What else could have happened than what occurred?  

 Allow me to digress.  The following day, I watched with a mixture of contempt and amusement the “millennial snowflakes” riotous jubilation at the toppled statue of Robert E. Lee.  A constantly replayed video showed antics of numbers of these “rough and tough” self-righteous specimens of liberal manliness.  I had to chuckle as these sissy boys variously kicked at, slapped, spat at, and urinated upon the toppled statue of the Confederate general.  What a rousing display of courage, honor, and self-sacrifice this was!   I tell you it was nothing but inspiring to have witnessed such a “selfless and spontaneous display of bravery against a toppled but dangerous cast iron enemy.” 

 But really now.  What can these pampered, privileged, selfish, arrogant, misinformed, brainwashed little “brown-shirts” possibly know of such nobler things such as “honor” or “courage” or “sacrifice?”   These pathetic little gadflies bully and coerce and threaten and then, when all else fails, “cry like little children” and then demand tax payer provided “safe places” which are free from any stress brought on by the hearing of opposing reasoned opinions.  Mostly they are simply belligerent little twits who demand the absolute freedom to speak, demonstrate, picket, march, riot, or obstruct without restraints or restriction.  At the same time, they will abide neither proposal nor discourse that is contrary to their own implanted delusions.

  What is my point in all this?  In spite of all the chaos and screeching of activists and radicals, our Constitution and fair-mindedness ought to insist that each town lawfully and peaceably decide if they want to keep their statues and monuments. WEN



You don’t need to tell me.  I already know that lately I allow things that I read in the papers or see on the news stations to “pull my chain” and bring me to the very brink of needing to be restrained in a straightjacket.  However, in defense of my mental stability, allow me to assert that I am really trying and I am making definite progress here in my declining years.   But I have to admit that I do still have quite a ways to go.   What I mean is that I don’t throw things or scream or scare the cat until he scurries to the basement for cover.  But once in a while, there are things that I read that absolutely drive me “nuts.”   I am speaking of those times where the lies, the hypocrisy, the stupidity, the absurdity, or the absolute insanity of someone push me to the very brink   Of course, as a saved person, the Holy Spirit would be greatly  grieved and Christ much dishonored if I actually “cussed,” so I don’t cuss.  But I will admit that sometimes I get so upset, if someone was to write it down, I would probably sign it.


In case you are wondering why I am frothing, let me give you an example. Yesterday, there appeared one of those sorts of stories that may cause me to be committed somewhere.   Now, this item isn’t “front page” stuff.  I read it from several obscure sights and then confirmed it was a true story on Fox News.  It seems that an ultra-liberal, self-serving, pathetic little windbag, Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez has decided to defame, humiliate, and ridicule a great American hero.  Gutierrez, in response to President Trump’s Chief of Staff, retired Marine Corps General, John Kelly’s support for Trump’s decision to end the unconstitutional DACA program, became unglued.  He described the much-decorated General Kelly, who is the only American general to lose a son in combat,--- as a liar, a hypocrite, a racist, un-American, unfit, and a disgrace to the [Marine Corps] uniform.   In another statement made last Tuesday, Gutierrez added that Kelly “has no honor and should be drummed out of the White House along with the white supremacists and those enabling the President’s actions by ‘just following orders.’”


What could this arrogant buffoon who has lived off the public teat his entire life and has never served anything but himself and his political cronies possibly know about “fitness for service” or honor or ‘disgracing the uniform?”  This is nothing but the blather and rantings of a mindless political hack and opportunist who has neither respect nor understanding of what true honor and integrity are about.  His entire political career has been about tearing down traditional American values, championing the causes of homosexuals, transgendered, abortionists, Muslim immigrants, open borders, getting freebies instead of jobs for his constituents.  He lives the life of a “fat cat” while keeping the poor and especially the people of color in his Chicago precincts dependent upon the welfare system.   While his constituents remain shackled to and dependent upon government largesse, he has grown wealthy amidst their destitution. 


The arrogance, cynicism, greed, disrespect, and rottenness of this man and what he has said about a true American hero make me nearly ready for a padded cell.  Get my Prosak….I am teetering on the brink. WEN

“HELLO?” Is anybody home?

I just finished reading several troubling articles on parent’s deciding to raise “gender-neutral” children. This means waiting for the child to decide, say at about 6 or 7, with what gender the child wants to identify. The child’s biological sex is irrelevant. But something else caught my attention when researching this matter. Without exception, the advocates for allowing the child to decide their preferred gender also have other absolutes. This means there will not be any gender-specific toys.  Not only will these children have the right to decide what sex they want to be, but the parents, absolutely say they will neither discipline, nor correct, nor hinder, or even restrain their children. Somehow these feel this will greatly harm their child’s spirit, creativeness, and intelligence. Biblical spanking is completely out of the question.

I am of the opinion that should this demonic, social, and cultural madness ever catch on…we may only imagine the societal lawlessness, mayhem, and danger this will guarantee? But really now, I wonder if we are culturally maybe further down the path to this than we care to admit?

I have to ask. Do any of you remember “MAD” magazine the popular outrageous, liberal, humor, satire, and parody magazine that was so popular with teens in the 1950’s through the 1970’s? You may remember better the “face” of the bimonthly periodical, Alfred E. Newman. This was the red-headed, big-eared boy with misaligned eyes, a gap-toothed smile and his signature motto was “What, me worry?” Apparently, the magazine is still being published.

Well, I had to make sure that the stuff I was reading and now commenting on, namely, raising “gender-neutral” children, wasn’t a liberal spoof from “MAD” or some other similar periodical trying to trick social and Christian conservatives. But the stories are legit. In fact, this sort of insanity has been experimented with in places like Sweden for several decades. Large numbers of parents in Britain and Canada have also embraced the idea and now more than a few American couples have signed on to the “insanity.” I feel so sad for the children of these lunatics. Also, I must wonder just how much more our merciful God will tolerate in humanity’s revolt against divine design and order.

Not too long ago, I happened to be entering Walmart at the same time as a young mother and her daughter. The mother was patiently explaining to her little girl who was probably five or six years old that she needed to get items for her younger sister’s birthday party. Mom also promised that if she was “really good and stayed right with momma” that she would receive a “special prize.” As they entered the store the little girl was off like a filly leaving the starting gate at the Kentucky Derby. I watched as the mother took off after her trying desperately to keep up. I immediately came to the conclusion that “honey” was not too interested in earning a “special prize.”

During the next half hour, I would occasionally catch a glimpse of the near frantic mother still trying to keep pace with, explain to, bribe, plead with, threaten, or reason with “honey.” Later, as I checked out I saw them near the candy section. The mother was sighing as the little girl chose her “special prize” and the little girl smiled knowingly. “Mom” looked like the poster girl for a frazzled, frustrated, exhausted, and defeated woman. I felt so sad FOR HER LITTLE GIRL!!!

Can anyone else remember growing up and going anywhere with your mom and getting forewarned about proper behavior and then later being “guided by her eyes?” What I mean is her giving you the stare that shouted to you, “You better cool it!!” Or if your actions didn’t improve, you saw it in her eyes that final and “no appeal verdict” which declared that “you are dead meat when I get you home.” It was amazing what that woman could convey without a single word!!

Mom NEVER attempted to negotiate with me, and there was absolutely NEVER a bribe offered for my good behavior. I guess that in my thinking “self-preservation” was incentive enough. Personally, I would rather have fought a crazed and wounded grizzly bear than face her wrath. And by the way, in my opinion, I have the greatest mom ever. I love her more than I could ever express to her.

Does anyone remember the days of which I speak? Get me “outta” here, I think I am getting trapped in a “MAD” magazine world. Sighhhhhhh.. WEN

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