History, nature and divine wisdom all point to an irrefutable conclusion. Nations which are populated largely by corrupt, soft, immoral, weak-willed, sissified, or self-indulgent men cannot and do not long endure. These types include those who sire and then abandon their children; who cheat on their wives, who lie, cheat, steal, and covet. These vain and “girly men” serve no god save the gods of flesh, lust, money, pleasure, and self. They neglect family responsibility, disdain duty, incessantly whine. They are bereft of character or integrity and lack any biblical convictions.

Surely, there must be a return to the virtues of godliness, duty, courage, honor, and manliness. We must make these traits at least equal with the value of a celebrity persona, a good education, financial success, and personal security. Should our next generation of men prove to be weak, effeminate, detached from their children, or self-serving then our future is in grave danger, and our national destruction assured. WEN


“Brethren, if a man is overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness, considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6: 1, 2.

Soon after I trusted Christ, I was baptized by and became a member of an independent Baptist Church. I was not raised in this group nor were they a part of my family heritage. So, what I am spiritually is not due to tradition, or custom, or family religious practice…but due to the searching, God’s word and a Holy Spirit and Bible developed conviction. A Pentecostal friend once asked me what I would be if I were not an independent Baptist.” I told him that I would be “ashamed of myself.”

But something that has always much dismayed me and grieved my soul, and though this occurs in many churches, it is often more so found in independent Baptist churches. It is the tendency to slay those of our people who spiritually stumble or fall into sin. We often kill our own wounded. I have come to the opinion that it is not our love for Savior or his word, but an absence thereof that makes us so critical and judgmental and harsh toward our weak or fallen brethren.

The following words from Charles Spurgeon was written well over a hundred years ago…but they surely are just as relevant as the day he penned them. WEN

“Be careful about censuring others. And when you see a Christian down—when you see a child of God who has erred, and grossly sinned, do not begin criticizing him in bitterness and causing him to despair. If you had been in his situation, you might have done the same, or worse. Do I speak harshly? Any man who says, “If I had been in that brother’s place I would have done better,” is a fool. He …does not know himself. The man who begins to exult over his fallen brother is the likeliest man to fall himself.

“And, what if others are worse than you are, does that make you the better, or the less guilty? What if others are not all they seem to be, perhaps neither are you; at any rate, their hypocrisy shall not make your pretense to be true.

“The thought that we may ourselves be one day under the window should make us careful when we are throwing out dirty water. With what measure we mete it shall be measured to us again, and therefore let us look well to our dealings with the weak and the fallen. Nothing makes me more tired of human nature than to see the way in which some Christians treat others when they are already crushed and broken by trouble.

“There are none so tender as those who have been skinned themselves.” Charles H. Spurgeon——WEN